Incredible India, A Traveler’s Dream, has always been inviting travelers from across the world for centuries. A country of thousand destinations  thousand religions, million Gods & Goddesses where colours, fragrances, life, rituals, cultures, languages and dialects change with-in a short distance yet remain consistent to the values and beliefs of life.

India is a cradle of human race and mother of history, legends and traditions and birth place of major religions of the world. It’s a country where rivers and cows are worshiped like mother, guests are treated as gods, centuries old traditions of yoga & meditation become the way of life.

Rich cultural heritage, Magnificent Architectural Sites, Forts and Palaces, Temples and Monasteries, Back-waters and Beaches, Mountains and Sacred rivers, Tea and Coffee plantations, Forests and National Parks make it a perfect destination to every traveler.

So Welcome to Utterly Beautiful, Multicultural, Spiritual and Fascinating India !

Tourist Destinations In India

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