Varanasi or Benaras or Kashi situated on the banks of sacred river Ganga, is the most sacred city and epicenter of Hinduism in India. It is the oldest inhabited city in the world and the greatest center of spirituality in India. It is believed that if a Hindu is cremated in Varanasi and his ashes are flown into the Ganges, it breaks the cycle of death and birth and attains salvation. Varanasi is a magical city and experiences keep changing from sun-rise to sun-set. Sacred cows on the streets , people bathing on the ghats , Hindu rituals before and after the death , Sadhus and Yogis, narrow streets with temples at all around makes Varanasi a magical city. You need to be here to believe it. 

Photo : Ganga Arti , Yoga at Assi Ghat and boat ride , Kashi Vishwanath , Sarnath , Sam Samridhi , Music concert

Arti ( Puja ) in evening at the Dashashmedh Ghat is an incredible experience. For Hindus, river Ganges OR Ganga is very pious and sacred and is worshiped like mother. Every evening , an arti ( offering ) of  Ganges takes places at Dashashmedh Ghat. Thousands of candles are flown in river Ganges. The entire atmosphere fills with the sound of bells and incense. You will see this puja ( arti ) from a private boat in the river. Following the arti, take a private boat ride in evening along various other ghats ( steps to the river ) up to Manikarnika Ghat where Hindus are being cremated all through the day and night with the belief that once cremated at this ghat , they will get rid of the cycle of death and birth and will attain salvation.

Yoga with locals at Assi Ghat is a unique experience. Wake up early before the sunrise and visit to Assi Ghat where priest offer prayers to mother Ganges with chanting of holy mantras followed by yoga on the ghats with the people of various walks of the life. Take a private boat ride in morning will along the ghats to experience people bathing in sacred river to clean their sins and re-start a new life. Later , walking through the ghats, You will experience how various Hindu rituals are closely associated with day to day life of a Hindu.

Kashi Vishwanath Temple or Golden Temple is among the 12 most important Shiva temples for Hindus. Perhaps the most oldest Hindu temple in the world is situated in narrow lanes of Varanasi. A walk through these narrow lanes and by-lanes is a life time experience while passing through the small shops selling any thing and every thing, cows roaming on the streets and people worshiping them , Sadhus and Yogis busy in themselves.

Temples of Varanasi including Sankatmochan Hanuman ( Monkey god ) and Durga Temple are sacred temples and draw thousands of Hindu pilgrims.


Sarnath, a Buddhist city about 10 kms from Varanasi is one of the four most sacred sites of Buddhism. It is at Sarnath, where Lord Buddha first taught the Dharma and gave his first sermon to people about the middle path of life to attain nirvana. In the 3rd century BC, King Ashoka built engraved pillars and magnificent stupas and monasteries.

Special Experience : Private Music Concert

Varanasi is also the city of musicians and has given many maestros of Indian Classical music to the country. Enjoying a private music concert in the house of a musician and listening Sitar, Tabla, Flute is a very unique in the city.

Unforgettable Experience : Change your life for your well being

Change your self and get new energies to live a better life by performing a special puja ( prayer ) at the ghats of  Ganges with the chanting of holy mantras by a priest for all your well being.