India, a destination of dream memories with unlimited options of travel for different reasons is also a destination of creating the album of your first amazing memory of your married life.

Our destinations, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldive are full of wonders and wonderful places giving couples myriad interesting and romantic honeymoon spots. These destinations are open to a multitude of choices and each tops the other.

May it be the most romantic monument of love, Taj Mahal or a stay in real palace like Maharaja and Maharani among the royalty of yesteryear and ride to history on an elephant Or spend a night on a luxury house boat cruising through the back-waters of Kerala OR just stroll on wondrous beaches of Goa, Kovalam and Andaman Islands with hands in hands with your beloved. There is a lot for every one to choose India as a destination for always remembered travel.

You can also club one or two countries to make your honeymoon more special. Start with a romantic time in Taj Mahal, stay at a palace in Jaipur and fly down to Bhutan, the most happiest place on earth OR travel to medieval cities of Kathmandu in Nepal Or spend a few days on the pristine beaches in Maldive.

Options are un-limited but as your honeymoon is always very special , we suggest some of the very special programs for you :

India :

Golden Triangle with Goa ( 10 nights / 11 days )

Golden Triangle with Udaipur ( 8 nights / 09 days )

Golden Triangle with Maldives ( 11 nights / 12 Days )

Golden Triangle with Kathmandu ( 11 nights / 12 Days )

Back-waters of Kerala with Beach ( 08 nights / 09 days )

We will be glad to listen to you for any of your special choice of travel and will be happy to design it for you. After all , you are special and so honeymoon should also be very special.