A luxury travel in India is an amalgamation of experiences amidst exotic landscapes, pristine beaches, snowy mountains, tropical back-waters and cultural destinations. India is a land of cultural immersions inspired by history, nature, myths and beliefs and spirituality which reflects in every aspect of the life. No matter what your choices are or what you like the most, a perfect blend of  luxury and culture is there for you.

From snow capped peaks of Himalaya to the tranquil beaches of south or from un-explored treks in eastern states of India to the caves of Ajanta & Ellora in the west of India, a truly luxury experience awaits you. Palaces and forts restored as luxury hotels or a room in a luxurious beach resort which opens directly to your beach, experiencing the wild-life in a private jeep with a naturalist in the comfort of a luxury jungle lodge or just rejuvenate your body, mind and soul in an authentic luxury wellness resort, options are ample. Top-up your luxury experiences with a romantic dinner in a private area in the palace or jungle or at the beach.

A luxury travel is not just staying palaces and forts but its an experience which starts when a dedicated destination expert starts communication with you to understand your individual liking and preferences to customize a special luxury experience for you.