Trichy or Tiruchirappalli in Tamilnadu in south India was once the capital of Chola empire. At the edge of Kaveri river delta , Trichy has many exquisitely sculpted temples and fortress. Trichy is also called the Kashi ( Varanasi ) of South India. Lot of people believe that cremation at the banks of river Kaveri in Trichy will relieve them from the cycle of birth and death.

Most notable Dravidian architecture temple is Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple dedicated to God Vishnu in the form of Ranganatha reclines on a five headed snack. Built by Cholas and later renovated by the Pandyas , Hoysals and Vijayanagar empire between 9th and 16th century AD, the temple with its 21 gopurams ( Gateways ) having colourful sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses, 16th century century pillared hall with magnificently detailed monolithic Vijayanagar carvings and 17th century Nayak ivory figurines depicting gods, demons, and kings and queens (some in erotic poses) invite tourists and pilgrims from across the world.

Rockfort is considered as one of the symbols of Tiruchirappalli. The Rockfort is a fortress which stands atop a 273-foot-high rock. It consists of a set of monolithic rocks accommodating many rock-cut cave temples dedicated to God Shiva and God Ganesha.

Special Experience 

Trichy is Kashi ( Varanasi ) of south India

Hindus perform various rituals at Amma mandapam ghat at banks of river Kaveri including homage to their ancestors. Watching them and understand their beliefs brings people close to a better understanding of Hindu mythology.