Mumbai or Bombay on the west coast of India is the Metropolitan town and financial capital of India. Mumbai is a city which has every thing in its bouquet- Buzzing vibrant markets, homes of corporate millionaires,  Asia’s biggest slum, Iconic Gateway of India, religious temples and Bollywood film studios. A nearby island of Elephanta has ancient caves. Mumbai is also the home to Six Sigma qualified of Dabba wala delivering five hundred thousands of  lunch boxes every thing.

Fotos : Gateway of India , Elephanta Caves , Crawaford market , Colaba Market , CST , Dabba Wala

Gateway of India, an arch monumental buildings on famous port of Apollo Bunder completed in 1924 AD has been witnessing the welcome ceremonies of new Viceroys of India and Governor’s of Mumbai during the British time. Today , day of tourists is spent walking around this iconic structure whether it is to take a ferry to Elephanta caves or taking a traditional horse cart.

Elephanta Caves on Elephanta Island about 1 hour by ferry from Gateway of India are the finest example of rock-cut cave temples in ancient India. Sculptures carved out of the rock-caves are dedicated to Hindu God Shiva were constructed between 450 and 750 AD are UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main Shiva-dedicated temple is an intriguing latticework of courtyards, halls, pillars and shrines.

CST or Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus , a monumental train station in Mumbai is a busiest railway station in the world. Building has an amalgamation of Hindu , Islamic and Victorian style architecture was completed in 1887 AD is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today , millions of people transit through this busy railway station.

Crawford Market completed in 1871 AD designed in Colonial architecture is an iconic building in South Mumbai is one of the most popular markets in locals in Mumbai. One can buy anything to every thing here in this market.

Colaba Market just behind iconic Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai in South Mumbai offers the visitors an opportunity of buying various kind of handicrafts . A long street in south Mumbai is full of street vendors and shops.

Special Experience : A Drink at restaurant Dome at Inter-continental Hotel in Mumbai 

Nothing can be better than enjoying a relaxing drink on a rooftop sky bar overlooking the sea and twinkling lights of the city below. Enjoy an unforgettable sunset at the open-air lounge at 8th floor at the Dome restaurant with a relaxing drink.