Tamilnadu with its capital in Chennai ( earlier known as Madras )  in South India is famous for its colourful temples. The region has been ruled by several dynasties including three major empires – Chola, Chera and Pandyan which shape the culture and architecture of Tamilnadu.

Tamilnadu is the home to many grand Hindu Temples built in Dravidian architecture. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway in Ooty (Udhagamandalam), Brihadishwara temple in Thanjore ( Thanjavur ), Gangaikonda Cholapuram and Airvatesvara Temple in Darasuram ( Kumbakonam ) and the Shore Rock temple along with the collection of other monuments in  Mahabalipuram (also called Mamallapuram) are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Meenakshi Temple with 1000 pillars in Madurai is epitome of Dravidian Architecture where the artists and craftsman have performed the art to their best passion.  While Kanchi Matha in Kanchipuram is the home to Shankracharya , Complex of Annamalaiyar Temple in Thiruvannamalai is one of the largest temple complex in India.

Important cities to visit in Tamilnadu are Chennai, Kanchipuram, Mahabalipuram, Chidambram , Darusuram , Kumbakonam , Trichy ( Tiruchirapalli ) , Thanjore ( Thanjavur ) and Madurai.