Bangalore ( Bengaluru ) , the capital city of state of Karnataka in South India is known as Silicon Valley of India as is the biggest center of Information Technology. Beside this , Bangalore is also an iconic city and has many beautiful gardens, Temples and Palaces. Metropolitan city of Bangalore has historical references since 16th century when it became the center of Vijaynagar Empire.

Tipu Sultan’s Palace in Bangalore was the summer residence of the ruler of nearby state of Mysore. This beautiful palace built in teak wood and stands adorned with pillars, arches and balconies is an exquisite example of Ind0-Islamic architecture.

Bangalore Palace was built in 1878 AD and is the main attraction in Bangalore. and stands adorned with pillars, arches and balconies. The palace also has paintings of famous artist Raja Ravi Verma.

Lalbagh Garden is a botanical garden in Bangalore planned by Hyder Ali in 1870 AD for his son Tipu Sultan. The garden besides having a huge variety of different flower plants of ornamental beauty and economic value, is also home to numerous wild species of birds and other wildlife.

Bull Temple,also known as Nandi temple is the oldest temple in Bangalore and is famous for its large statue of sacred bull. With a with a height of around 4.6 metres and a length of about 6.1 metres, the idol of Nandi in this temple is said to be one of the biggest in the world

Vidhan Soudha is the house of legislative council in Karnataka. Completed in 1956, the building has an architecture of Ne0-Dravidian and incorporates elements of Indo-Islamic and Dravidian architecture.