Badami, a town in Karnataka in South India is famous for its rock-cut structural temples. It was the regal capital fo Badami Chalukayas between 540 AD and 747 AD.

Badami Cave Temples are a complex of five Hindu cave temples built between 6th and 8th century. These cave temples are carved out of soft Badami red sandstone and are on a hill cliff. Three caves out of five caves have sculptures of Hindu gods like Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. One cave is dedicated to Jainism. Badami Cave Temples are UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a cradle of temple architecture in South India.

Bhutanatha Temple on the banks of Agastaya lake in Badami was built in 7th century AD is a Hindu shrine dedicated to god Bhutanatha. This architectural excellence is a must to visit at Sunset.