Chikmaglur in Karnataka in South India is a hill town and is a heaven for lovers of natural beauty. The region is full of coffee plantation as well as famous for various mid-level trekking to beautiful water falls.

The coffee land of Karnataka, Chikmaglur is famous for its coffee plantation. Arabica coffee is cultivated all around Chikmaglur. It is said that one of the local saint Baba Budangir brought coffee seeds from Yemen in 1670 AD. Later, British and other Europeans took over the plantation and started growing and trading of coffee. Take a coffee plantation walk in hills of Chikmagalur and enjoy coffee tasting along with walk in natural beauty.

A short drive followed by a small mid-level trek to the enchanted water falls of Hebbe OR Abbey near Chikmaglur are worth experiencing. The waters of Hebbe falls having medicinal herbs thus offering healing qualities.

World famous archaeological sites of Belur and Helebid ( helebidu ) are also close by to Chikmaglur.