Hyderabad, the capital of newly formed state of Telangana in south India is one the major business hub for Information Technology , Pearls and Cotton. However, It was once a princely state under the rule of Nizams. Earlier capital of Hyderabad was Golconda which once had the diamond mines (  and as such the rulers had immense wealth in form of Jewels. Time Magazine in 1937 printed the photo of the Nizam on the front cover as the richest person in the world. They were crazy up to the extent that were using a diamond of the size of the egg of ostrich as paper weight in his office. Nizams of Hyderabad had also donated 5000 Kgs of gold to Government of India in 1965. Nizams also constructed lot of architectural marvels including Golconda Fort and Charminar.

Char Minar ( Four Minarets ) was constructed in 1591 by Qutub Shahi Dynasty is a monument , mosque and a ceremonial gate. It is of Indo-Islamic Architecture and has Persian Architecture elements. The building was constructed to commemorate the beginning of the second Islamic Millennium Year ( 1000 AH ). Due to its architecture , it is also called as the Arc de Triomphe of east.

Golconda Fort, 11 kms from Hyderabad is a citadel and fort atop a granite hill. Built by Kakatiya rulers in 12th century and later additions were done during Qutub Shahi rulers, the fort is an superb example of brilliant engineering and magical architecture. Visitors are amazed at the modern acoustic system, which was so designed that a hand clap sounded at the Balahisar gate of the fort could be heard right up , a kilometer away , in the citadel. It is said that the Golkonda Fort used to have a vault where the famous Kohinoor and Hope diamonds were once stored along with other diamonds.